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Invisible Double Eyelid Tapes


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Create bigger and shaper eyesin seconds with the Invisible Double Eyelid Tapes! They can make the desired eyelid crease for you with its amazing holding capability. They can create a deep and natural curve to lift droopy, sagging eyelids to a youthful shape quickly and easily.


The Invisible Double Eyelid Tapes can enhance the look of your eyes, making it look more rounded to create an immediate and dramatic effect. The tape pulls in pieces of skin on either side of itself and sticks them together, resulting in a distinct crease. More importantly, it is completely invisible that nobody can tell!



  • BEAUTIFUL EYES:Perfect for hooded, droopy, uneven, or mono-eyelids
  • COMPLETELY INVISIBLE: No more embarrassing and awkward moments when your friends spot your eyelid tape
  • NATURAL LOOKING:Creates deep and natural curve in your eyelids without affecting blood circulation
  • LONG LASTING: It features excellent adhesion to skin so that it lasts all-day



  • VERSATILE: Designed to fit all eye shapes
  • NON-INVASIVE: As non-surgical eye lift, they rejuvenate and revitalize natural eye lines and folds
  • SAFE: Made of medical-use adhesive fiber that is breathable, waterproof and stays all day long
  • EASY APPLICATION: Self-adhesive with no glue needed, the tapes are easily retained and concealed with or without makeup
  • EASY REMOVAL PROCESS: The tapes are easy to remove with an oil-based make-up remover


How to Use:

  • Clean the eyes with a cotton pad or blotting paper before use
  • Use tweezers to gently remove a piece of double-fold eyelid patch
  • Spray water on the eyelid patch and let the water fill each hole
  • Select the appropriate position of the eyelid at a concave position and attach the double eyelids
  • Adjust the position of the double eyelid stickers as necessary



  • Material: Medical-use adhesive tape
  • Color: Beige