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Invisible Height Increasing Insoles

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Your height Increasing Secret!

Not everyone grows up to have the height they want to.  The good news is that you can now walk around feeling taller, more confident, and happierwith the Height Increasing Insoles! It instantly adds an extra inch to your height and could improve step balance and foot strength.  The invisible design make no one knows your height increasing secret!

This product fits snugly on feet of all sizes and can easily be worn with your socks to increase the height all day long.  Not only does it increase the height, it also serves to protect your feet by absorbing shock and halting extra pressure.  Especially recommended for people struggling with all kinds of foot pain and plantar fasciitis.  


  • INVISIBLE INCREASE IN HEIGHT: You can wear it under your regular socks for a quick increase in height
  • COMFORTABLE: Made with a soft and elastic material, it conforms to the natural shape of your foot, and fits snugly without moving or slipping
  • RELIEVE PAIN: Shields heels with callouses and cracks
  • ELIMINATES DISCOMFORT: Ideal for those with plantar fasciitis, bone or aching heel spurs, Achilles, edema, sprained foot, corns, and more
  • FLEXIBLE: It is small and bendable enough to fit in your socks no matter what size it is

  • SCIENTIFIC U-SHAPE DESIGN: It looks like your real heel after putting socks on
  • UNISEX: This is ideal for both men and women
  • HYGIENIC: It comes with tiny holes for increased breathability to keep your feet dry and odorless
  • EASY TO CLEAN:Simply wash with soap and warm water
  • EASY TO USE: Simply strap them around the back of your heel and voila



  • Material: Skin-friendly and BPA-free Silicone Gel
  • Size: One size fits all


Package Includes:

  • 1 pair of height increasing insoles