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Jeans Extendable Button


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Jeans Can Be Always Fit!

Do your pants feel uncomfortably tight after a meal? The Jeans Extender Button is great for a pair of pants that have simply become too small from shrinking in the wash or you just needed the extra space after a big meal!

It expands your pants' waistline to make you feel more relaxed in seconds. This ensures that you will feel more comfortable without having to spend on a new wardrobe. It helps so that the fluctuations in your waistline won't affect the wearability of your trousers.


  • INSTANT COMFORT: This is a great, fast and easy solution to add more room to your pants and jeans for instant comfort
  • SAVE MONEY: This ingenious device allows you to wear those tight pants again even your waist size has changed, as a result you don't need to buy new jeans in new sizes
  • CARE FOR THE PLANET: It's great for kids and hand-me-downs, ensuring a perfect and comfortable fit and showing you care to the planet
  • EASY STEPS: The buttons are free of seams and no sewing is needed because it attaches in seconds

  • Easily extend the waist of your pants during the workday or for a special event
  • Made of premium materials that are anti-corrosion, durable, reusable, and more sturdy than plastic
  • Available in 12 different styles, you can choose one that will match your trousers


  • Material: Silicone + metal
  • Weight: 3g
  • Size: 3.5cm x 1.7cm x 2.2cm

Package Includes:

  • 3 x Jeans Extender Button