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Joypad Trigger Fire Button

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Wins the Chicken Dinner tonight!

Are you too clumsy at moving the thumb to tap different buttons?  The Joypad Trigger Fire button is your best option to play PUBG with mobile.  It helps allocate your left and right index fingers to play, and very high in sensitivity.  Never miss the chance to kill your enemies anymore!

This Joypad Trigger Fire Button is specially designed for players for shooting games, while you can shoot and aim at the same time.  It gives you real shooting experience with no blocking of sightline and no delay.  Quickly master it and wins the Chicken Dinner tonight! 


  • Simple Operation: With the Mobile Controller, you can simultaneously move, turn, aim and shoot
  • Extensive compatibility: Support all kinds of mobile brands
  • High Sensitive: Sensitive reaction without delay 
  • Adjustable: Gives clear view. No blocking of sightline.


  • Anti-Slip Design: With Silicon Cushion makes it more stable on your phone while playing and will not hurt your phone.
  • Light, convenient and small: With cool airplane design



Name: Joystick Trigger Fire Button
Size: 50.5*36*28mm (L*W*H)
Suitable for: Tablet, phones (thickness <10mm)
Material: PC
Colour: Black / Transparent