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Lace Thigh Band


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Carry Your Items in a Sexy Way

Dress elegantly without worrying about where you’re going to stash your things using this ingenious Lace Thigh Band! It was an antique way that ladies in the past to carry their belongings without any bag.

It is designed to give you comfort and protection against thigh chafing all day long. Great to wear under dresses and skirts to prevent skin from rubbing, giving you soft silky thighs and allowing you to be comfortable even in active situations.


  • Bag-free: feature a hidden side pocket that can store credit cards, phone and more, so you can go out without any bag
  • Added fashion style: can be worn under dresses and skirts, used as a fashion accessory with shorts, and even in athletic or active situations
  • Anti-chub-rub: eliminate chafing thighs and the dreaded "chub rub", and minimise the painful, redness and discomfort around the thigh area
  • High-quality: made of comfortable, breathable and stretchable material, aiming to give increased comfort while wearing a skirt or a summer dress

  • As the best alternative to bulky anti-chafing shorts or pants while addressing the problem of inner thigh chafing and rubbing between legs
  • These easy to slip on lace bands stretch over thighs and stay put with a double layer of non-slip silicone


  • Material: Lace + Polyester
  • Color: Black / White / Beige
  • Size:
    • 36-45cm
    • 42-50cm
    • 47-55cm
    • 52-60cm
    • 58-68cm
    • 62-70cm

Package Includes:

  • 1 Pair of Lace Thigh Band Pocket