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Liquid Glue Screen Protector


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Ultimate Protection for Your Phone

Liquid Glue Screen Protector is a UV light full glue tempered glass that can help you protect the display screen of your Samsung phone. It has a liquid absorption technology which the patented liquid glass disperses evenly over the entire screen.

It has full coverage and smooth chamfered arcthat covers even the round edgesof the phone. The six-layer protection is remarkable that makes this the number one 99.9% transparentscreen glass protector! 


  • Liquid absorption: new technology adopted to allow 100% attachment between the screen and the protector, therefore no dust will enter any gap
  • Easy DIY: no more hard time when sticking the screen protective film, as the  liquid will disperse automatically and get the job done
  • Always clear: hydrophobic and anti oil stain, as a result you won't see any fingerprint on the screen
  • Smooth and round: protect every round edge of your phone screen, and therefore it will be hard to break

  • Present original screen colour 
  • More sensitive than other brands
  • Anti-scratch and durable


  1. Clean the screen surface with alcohol bag
  2. Clean the screen surface with dry cloth
  3. Absorb screen surface dust with the dust remover
  4. Drop the UV liquid glue on the middle of the screen
  5. Align the curved glass screen protector with the corresponding position of the phone and cover the curved screen
  6. Irradiates the screen surface with UV lamp for about 40 seconds to dry the screen, ensure perfect adsorption


  • Color: Transparent / Clear
  • Use: Mobile Phone
  • Package Size: 33.0 * 33.0 * 33.0cm
  • Gross Weight: 3.0kg

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Liquid Glue Screen Protector