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Luminous Slingshot Helicopter Toy - 5pcs


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Shoot in a Colourful Way!

Slingshot is definitely a childhood memory for everyone! Now you can shoot in a colourful way with the Luminous Slingshot Helicopter Toy! Suitable for both children and adults, it serves as the best option for after-dinner family activities!

Due to the spinning action, it beautifully creates a dazzling LED glow visible up to half a mile. Just shoot into the air like a slingshot, it will go high into the sky and glide gently back to the ground.


  • Great visual effect: spin and emit dazzling LED glow in the sky
  • Portable flying machinelaunch like a rocket and fly like a helicopter
  • Family activity: entertain both adults and children as the best after-dinner activity
  • Easy operation: fold the two leaves of the helicopter into a spiral, hold the helicopter with the left hand, hold the transmitter with your right hand, release the left hand, and fly the helicopter

  • Fly up to 120 feet in the air, creating competition and a super cool show for your friends and kids
  • Return back to the ground gently
  • Perfect for outdoor entertainment at the beach, parks, BBQs, festivals, and more


  • Material: PVC Plastic
  • Control Mode: Switch button
  • Power Supply Mode: Button Battery
  • Size: 22cm (L) x 2.5cm (W)

Package Includes:

  • 5pcs Luminous Slingshot Helicopter Toy