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Magic Car Cleaning Clay Bar

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Magic Car Cleaning Clay Bar effectively removes contaminants on the surface of automotive finishes that dull its gloss. Our clay will efficiently remove overspray and paint contaminants.

This product can be used effectively on paint, glassand chrome when used with soap solution or a water-based lubricant.

Not easily washed off and invisible to the naked eye, particulate debris like rail dust, brake dustand industrial fallout will bond to automotive paint, and distort the reflective quality of the surface, dull its gloss and may eventually cause oxidation. 

Magic Car Cleaning Clay Bar removes these difficult contaminants better than washing alone.


Microscopic debris penetrates a vehicle's clear coat every day, especially in areas especially prone to pollution. This debris can build up over time, and easily remain even after the vehicle has been washed. Magic Car Cleaning Clay Bar easily removes road dirt, tree sap, pollution, paint overspray or road paint spatter — difficult to get off the surface by other means — to restore a "like new" surface.




  • Removes foreign particles embedded in automotive paint and clear coat that dulls its sparkle and compromises its protective barrier
  • Reuseable
  • Frequent use helps keep paint and clear coat free of contaminants
  • Restores smooth as glass feel
  • Effective on paint, mirror, glass and chrome
  • Item Weight:100g


1 x 100g Magic Car Cleaning Clay Bar