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Magic Drawing Board Set

4PCS Noctilucent Pen

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Keep Your Kids Away from Smartphones!

Childhood toys should not be about smartphones only. Buy your kids the Magic Drawing Board SetIt allows your kids to create amazing drawings using a noctilucent pen to help boost their creative potentials.

It will leave no stain or dirty hands and at the same time, furniture and wallpapers at home will be spared from your kids' handwriting. It is a great toy for children of all ages.


  • Better toy than phones: prevent kids from being addicted to smartphone games
  • Interest explorationboost kids' creative potentials in drawing and designing
  • Automatic disappearance: drawings disappear in 30 – 40 minutes
  • 0 dirts: keep furniture and wallpapers clean even your kids draw on them

  • You cannot erase from the work surface, but you can draw on top
  • Each new line will be brighter than the previous one
  • The lesser light there is in a room, the brighter the picture will be
  • Non-toxic to keep kids safe
  • Great parent-children activity


  • Sketchpad Size: A3 / A4 / A5
  • Material: ABS
  • Pen Size: 13cm high

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Writing board
  • 3 x Noctilucent pen
  • 1 x Cartoon cardboard
  • 1 x Luminous stickers
  • 1 x Instructions