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Magical Car Ice Scraper

4 Colors
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Get Snow Off the Car in Second!

Isn't it frustrating when you're in a hurry to reach office or school just to find that your car is wrapped up in ice? Who needs a complicated snow removal tool when you can have the Magical Car Ice Scraper! With double scraping action, it gives you the versatility to clean even hard-to-reach surfaces. It's like a handheld bulldozer that clears snow from your hood, the top of your car, the trunk or anywhere else.


The Magical Car Ice Scraper is all you need to get that snow that has amassed on your windshield overnight.  To use, just place the cone against your car windshield and move it in a circular motion to remove ice, frost, and snow with incredible ease. The scraper cap is also removable so you can use the master scraper cone as a funnel for adding windshield washing solution.



  • Dual Action: One side covers more area for scraping and snow removal while the other side is designed as an ice breaker
  • Scrapes off snow in seconds: Clear ice and snow twice as fast as traditional scrapes
  • Safe and Easy to useIt won't damage, scratch or break any surface even with a sticky frost, you literally just wipe off even the toughest ice on glass.
  • Lightweight and compact: you can easily store it in your car trunk or glove compartment
  • It has a cone-shaped design that allows you to move the wiper in any direction
  • The ergonomic handle provides the best experience to users
  • Features a removable ice breaker tip so you can use it as a funnel
  • You can easily add washer fluid to your car without spilling all over the place when you use the funnel
  • It has 18 inches of scraping surface for optimum scraping efficiency



  • Material: ABS
  • Weight: 40g
  • Size: 14cm in diameter x 11cm high
  • Color: Red / Blue / Black / Green


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Car Ice Scraper