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Makeup Brush Cleaner

Never worry about cleaning makeup brushes again

The Makeup Brush Cleaner will revolutionize the way you clean your makeup brushes. Instead of spending minutes to clean each brush, this tool will allow you to clean your brushes in a matter of seconds

It has a motor inside which spins your brushes. Simply attach your brush to this Makeup Brush Cleaner and dip it into the bowl containing makeup remover. Your brushes will be good as new before you even notice. 


  • Reduced sound: You'll barely hear the brush cleaner doing its job. Simply go about your business without disturbing anyone around you.
  • Washes quickly: this cleaner takes just around 10 seconds to completely clean your makeup brush and dry it as well! You won't have to waste minutes cleaning your brushes anymore. The motor works effectively, and at high speeds, bringing excellent results. 
  • Works with every brush: this tool has everything you need to clean all the brushes in your arsenal. Even brushes that are 5mm in width can be easily heldand straightened out by this tool. 
  • Great design: the cleaner is aesthetic and will fit well in all sorts of makeup kits. It's the perfect tool to add to your makeup collection. 


  • Bowl material: Plastic
  • Handle Material: Plastic


  • 1x Makeup Brush Cleaner