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Men's Slimming Body Vest


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Men Want Better Shape TOO!

You can be fit by exercise, a good diet, and this amazing Men's Slimming Body Vest for the most coveted shape you desire! It is powerful to flatten your breast and stomach while offering necessary back support to promote a better posturesimultaneously.

It allows you to wear your favourite shirts while no one knows the secretto the sleek and slimmer you, which makes it definitely the ideal choice for men who lack time for exercises or feel bored to eat boiled food without sauces.


  • Better shape: a physique-improving undershirt to transform the chest, to narrow the waist and to provide lumbar support
  • Effortless slimming: slim your upper body instantly without any exercise or diet
  • Universal: slimming effect available for all kinds of clothes
  • Extra ventilation: ensure its breathability to cool you down

  • Made of lightweight, stretchy, and durable material to move with your body during activities
  • Low-neck design to fit all style of clothes


  • Material: 80% Nylon + 20% Spandex
  • Color: Black, White 
Asian Size Chest Weight
cm inch kg lbs
S 80-100 31.5-39.4 50-75 110-165
M 101-120 39.8-47.2 80-105 176-231
L 121-140 47.6-55.1 110-125 242-275
XL 141-160 55.5-63.0 130-145 286-319
XXL 161-180 63.4-70.9 150-165 330-363

Package Includes:

  • 1pc Men's Slimming Body Vest