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Mini 3D DIY Christmas Tree

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The Most Worth-Buying
Christmas Tree for Kids!

Instead of standing guard at the foot of your preciously adorned tree or diving to catch falling glass baubles, you can keep your little ones away from those ornaments by giving them one of their own! The Mini 3D DIY Christmas Tree is an easy and fun way to build on children’s excitement for the upcoming holiday.

Kids will surely love how they can decorate their own tree over and over again while keeping them away from the actual Christmas tree. This is good to train their motor skills and colour recognition.


  • Interaction & Creation:As a perfect way to train your kids to decorate their own Christmas tree
  • Mini Size for Toddlers: This is so interactive that it will distract your little ones from playing with the real tree
  • Best for Kids' Growth: This is a wonderful craft for kids this holiday season that lets them decorate over and over again, enhancing motor skills and colour recognition
  • Safe and Easy: The DIY tree is collapsible, safe, and sturdy with no need to drill holes into the wall for hanging

  • It is large enough for kids of all ages to enjoy and decorate this Christmas
  • The tree can be an awesome way to get the family together for some fun activity this holiday
  • Made from high-quality and durable material, this tree is absolutely odourless and harmless for kids
  • This makes a wonderful Christmas gift for kids this Yuletide season 


  • Material: Felt paper
  • Size: 70cm x 50cm (L x W)
  • Color: Green 

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Felt Christmas Tree
  • 17 x Ornaments such as Santa Claus, candy, snowflake, bell, house, sock, etc.