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Mini Travel Vacuum Sealer


Compress all your clothes before storing them

Mini Automatic Compression Vacuum Sealer

The Mini Travel Vacuum Sealer is the perfect tool for packing or tidying up your clothes. It sucks the air out of any bag, thereby compressing it. Simply store your clothes in a sealed bag, and let this vacuum compressor reduce the space they take. 

Mini Automatic Compression Vacuum Sealer

This tool has more than enough power behind it to compress all sorts of clothes and is really easy on the eyes as well. The Mini Travel Vacuum Sealer is the perfect companion for your closet. 


  • Powerful suction: no clothes will be able to stand against this tool's suction power. Just put your clothes in a closed bag and watch the space they take shrink as the air is sucked out of it. 
  • Portable design: for such a powerful tool, it's remarkably small! You can carry it around with you with ease. 
  • Strong material: naturally, such a powerful tool would be manufactured with sturdy materials. The ABS material allows it to withstand high amounts of pressure. 
  • Easy to use: all you need to make the device work is the press of a button while placing its mouth against the opening of the bag. It'll do the job in seconds. 
  • Long battery life: Its 800mAh battery is enough to last long enough for you to store away a whole cupboard of clothes. 



  • Charging: via USB
  • Battery: 800mAh
  • Material: ABS


  • 1x Mini Travel Vacuum Sealer