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HygiPower Multi-functional Spray Cleaner (Formulated in USA)

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Effectively remove fizz, stains in kitchen range hoods, garments, toilet floors and wood polish with a powerful cleaning agent, HygiPower Multi-functional Spray Cleaner.

There are no chemical bleaches out in the market that can clean even pet stains less the harmful side effects like this Effervescent cleaner. You can be assured that your house remains fresh and shinyfor a longer period of time.

The sprayed water has guaranteed strong decontamination effect and can be used as an all in one cleaner. It is known to be harmless with biological enzymes that aids in decomposing stains but is non-toxic.


To use, you can mix this solution to 500ML water and let it stand for 30 minutes until it is completely dissolved, then you may use it to clean areas with stubborn dirt. You may also shake it to accelerate tablet dissolution. Just remember that this should be kept out of children's reach and to store it in a dry place not exposed to direct heat.
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Image result for kitchen wall clean before after


  • It works even on wood furniture
  • Keeps clothes fresh
  • Harmless and guaranteed no fluorescent agents
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Multi-functional cleaner


  • Material Type: Concentrate
  • Ingredient: Biological Enzyme


  • 500ML Spray Bottle
  • 10 Effervescent Tablets


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