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Nail Art Stamping Machine

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Fun, Flirty, Glamorous & Chic Nails Art Machine!

Nail Art Stamping Machine takes nail art to a whole new level. The Nail Stamp Machine is simple, and its deep and precise carvingcontributes to the more powerful stamping effect. Accurate positioning control leads to more precise results. Get ready to print those pretty nails with colors and patterns in the most artistic way!

This nail art printer comes in handywhen you plan to give your nails the look that will go with your outfit and make your hands look even prettier.  This printer comes with 6 platesand can stamp up to 54 different patternson your nails as this device can make all of them designed beautifully on your nails! 


Easy Operation: Perfect alignment every time, enableyou to stamp as more precisely. 

User-friendly Design: With a sucker on the bottom, the machine can be fixed firmly onto your desk/table.

No battery needed: Doesn’t require electricity, no worries of running out of battery

Durable: Made of durable plastic material and comes with 6 stainless steel pattern plates for long use


Type: Nail Printing Machine

Machine Material: Plastic 

Pattern Plate Material: Stainless Steel 


Machine color: Purple

Quantity: 1 set