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Elixir Crystal Water Bottle

Rose Quartz
Clear Quartz
Green Aventurine:

For all the people who love to use crystals and gemstones for the great benefits, they offer, here is a way to get the benefits from crystals. Get the crystal elixir water bottle for healing. 

Our Elixir Crystal Water Bottle comes with different crystals which helps in the positive energy flow and keeps off the negative energy. People have been using crystals for ages because of the positive energy associated with it and this gemstone water bottle is a great product. 

  • Reusable glass gemstone water bottle
  • Comes with a heat sleeve
  • Lead-Free
  • BPA Free

Crystal Healing Water Bottle

Black Obsidian: This stone is also known as the “stone of truth.” This stone is known to remove negative energy and is an excellent stone which stands for honesty, grounding and integrity. 

Rose Quartz: It is a stone of love and relationship.

Amethyst: Amethyst is a stone which helps in building confidence and healing. It can used for balance. 

Clear Quartz: This is an ultimate healer gemstone. It is known to bring positivity and calm. This Crystal Elixir Water Bottle can be great to be positive. 

Green Aventurine: Green aventurine is also known as the "stone of opportunity”. It is great to align energies and promote inner harmony.