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Maestro Non-Stick Mille Crepe Maker

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Bonjour mon Ami! Looking for the finest way to experience a dip of French cuisine into your homes? These crepe makers will take your Paris-like dream cuisine to a reality.


Maestro Non-Stick Mille Crepe Maker is designed to inspire creativity and broaden the culinary experience of at-home chefs everywhere.

Measuring about 8 inches in diameter, this polished circular device is manufactured from non-stick coating surface to be used for cooking crepes and tortillas.

All you have to do is dip the main body into a pancake solution, cook it over a base (the heater) for about 2 to 5 minutes, and stack the crepe that is just made. Thus, you’ll be able to place the crepe maker into multiple angles and directions.

The package includes a crepe maker, a batter spatter, and a spatula to aid on the cooking as neededSo you have all you need to get started your professional Mille Crepe Cake.


  • Makes 7.5" Crepes & soft tortilla tacos
  • Simple set-down and take-off from any position
  • Placed in any direction on the 360-degree base
  • Non-Stick coating surface for easy clean-up
  • Sturdy Quality
  • Fast Operation
  • Innovated Crepe Making Mechanism