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Nourishing Nail Mask(4 Sets)

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šŸ’…šŸ»No more dry and brittle nailsšŸ’…šŸ»


Nourishing Nail Masks are essentially beauty masks for your nailsthat are essence-richand provide a great dose of hydration. They envelop both the nail and cuticle in a pre-treated special nail treatment formula typically enriched with ingredients to nourish your nails.


Like hair and face masks, Nourishing Nail Masks apply revitalizing ingredients to your handsĀ in a concentrated format, hydrating and strengtheningĀ your nails and surrounding skin. ItĀ also provides perfectĀ protection for your nails against damages like breaking.Ā This is everything that your fingernails need.


  • Strengthen nails: Penetrate the nails, helpsĀ prevent future peeling, chipping, or cracking of nails and leaving them strong, beautiful and moisturized.
  • Exfoliates rough skin around nails:Ā effective removal of hard skin around nails to soften the skin
  • Protect and moisturize cuticles: it cares damaged nail from nail art, cuticle removal and UV for faster recovery
  • Nourish the skin around your nails: It contains various kinds of moisturizing ingredients to soften and moisten rough hand skin.


  • Individual Mask: These nail masks look like mini gloves that cover about half of your finger, provide full coverage to surround your nail and cuticle
  • IntensiveĀ nail treatment:Ā Ā whole treatment only cost 5-15Ā minutes, fast and effective
  • Easy to use:Ā Just slip your fingers into each miniĀ pre-treatedĀ slot and wait the designated amount of time, then toss them away when you're done.
  • Help nail regrows: promote the production of nail proteins so that your nails grow quickly and healthily



How to use :

  • Put the masks on your nails.
  • Leave it on for 5-15Ā  minutes.
  • Then remove and rinse your nails with lukewarm water.



  • ProductĀ Name:Ā Nourishing Nail Masks
  • ProductĀ size:Ā Approx.21.5*12.5*3.5cm
  • One Box can be used for 4 times of treatment