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Orthopaedic Toe Corrector Slippers

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You Deserve a Perfect Pair of Legs!

Legs are the sexiest part of every lady, but our beloved shoes always bring problems to them. Now you can recover your legs to perfection with theOrthopaedic Toe Corrector Slippers! Not only to kill foot or heel pain, they help prevent excessive pronation, ease your bunions and flat foot.

Doing more than you expected, they are also effective to relieve ingrown toenail painandimprove unbalanced waist. By combining footwear technology and therapeutic detailing, the slippers offer the highest level of comfort and protectionto your feet.


  • Sexiness maintenance: prevent excessive pronation and improve unbalanced waist, allowing you to show the sexiest shape in front of the crowd
  • Innovative construction: improve mobility, enhance comfort and get relief for heel, foot, knee and lower back pain
  • More than you expected: not only to improve your shape but also ease problems such as bunions, flat foot and ingrown toenail
  • Stronger toes: contour to the shape of your five fingers and increase muscular strength for optimal all-around performance

  • Eliminate pressure points on the foot while providing extra room for toe movement
  • Strengthen the arch and improve the direction of nail growth
  • To use, just slip your toes onto the pads and grip them with your feet
  • Promote good posture whether you are standing, walking, or sitting


  • Material: EVA + elastomer
  • Color: Pink
  • Size: 22cm x 24.5cm

Package Includes:

  • 1 pair of Orthopaedic Toe Corrector Slippers