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ChewMaster™ - Dog Toothbrush

Dog Size

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Fun And Health At The Same Time!

Poor oral care can impact your dog’s overall health and well-being. However, cleaning your dog's teeth doesn't have to be such a tedious chore and time-consuming. Ensure excellent oral health for your canine friends with theDog Toothbrush! This is a great option for dogs who are reluctant in toothbrushing department since it basically allows them to brush their own teeth in joy


  • Made of natural material that is durable, bite-resistant, non-toxic, and eco-friendly.

  • It is covered with bristles on the top and has a holding base at the bottom
  • Its unique design self-dispenses toothpaste during play to make cleaning your dog's teeth a breeze
  • Helps prevent the development of oral diseases stemming from gum inflammation and the accumulation of plaque or tartar
  • This makes toothbrushing less stressful for your dog and more comfortable for you
  • The bristles provide deep cleaning all the way down to the gums which that makes it good for cleaning your pup’s hard-to-reach back molars

How to Use:

  • Fill the reservoir with toothpaste from the hole on the top
  • Let the toothpaste flow down to the reservoir and come out from the holes
  • Allow your dog to chew on this toothbrush


  • Material: Liquid Silicone
  • Color: Blue, Green
  • Size: Small, Medium, Large

 Package Includes:

  • 1 x Dog Toothbrush