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Self-Cleaning Pet Hair Remove Brush


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Removing mats and tangles can be difficult, especially if you have a dog who doesn’t like to stand still. Excessive hair and fur no longer be a challenge for you with the amazing Comfy Pet Hair Remove Brush

This is specially designed with your pet's comfort and enjoymentin mind as it gently removes undercoat with its fine wire pins. It removes loose hair with ease while collecting all the debris out of your dog's fur so they can stay clean and happy.

This can also untanglethe tightest of knots with ease to ensure that your dog will have a pleasurable experience during grooming.


  • The bristles help stimulate the skin to promote healthy blood circulation
  • Its soft and flexible bristles are gentle on your pet’s skin and coat
  • It leaves your pet’s coat shiny and healthy
  • This provides excellent pet grooming results for both cats and dogs
  • It offers precise dematting even for dogs with sensitive skin
  • Its rounded teeth ends doesn't scratch the skin, unlike other pointed edge tools
  • This is proven effective in removing loose hair, knots and debris from your pet’s coat
  • When regularly used, it reduces shedding which promotes easier self-grooming and a healthier coat
  • It is suitable for cats and all breed sizes of dogs
  • This features a push button which pushes forward the bristles to use, and reverses when you are done grooming
  • Cleaning it only takes a matter of seconds
  • The handle is a non-slip, durable rubber for easy use and good grip


  • Material: ABS + Anti-slip handle

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Pet Hair Knot Remover