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Pet Shower Sprinkler

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Make Showering Pet an Easier Job

Washing a dog has never been easy and taking a dog to the groomer every time is quite expensive. Discover how the incredible Pet Shower Sprinkler can make bath time easyand give your dog the pampering session it deserves! It makes cleaning the shower and other rinse-off jobs easier and with less mess.

The connector fits most shower heads and faucets, attaches to two three-foot-long hoses that can be disconnectedto use more easily in the sink, or combined for a better fit in the shower.


  • Universal fit: this handy hose is certain to fit any faucet, spigots or showerhead up to 7” in diameter
  • Save your money: do the job of cleaning pets amazingly well that you will not see the need to take your pet to the groomer regularly
  • Bucket-free: spare you the hassle of having to deal with messy buckets and cups
  • Feel comfortable: enable you to trickle the water on your pet rather than blasting them like a fire hydrant

  • Allow you to give your dog a nice warm wash in the shower, sink or bathtub
  • Stretch up to 10 times the original size without ripping
  • The intermediate hose connector can be quickly separated from the lower half of the hose to create an ideal, shorter length
  • Also suitable for quick shower wall flushing, baby showering and washing hair in the sink

How to Use:

  • Attach before turning on water
  • Pull the stretchy connector on to water source as much as possible
  • For use in a sink, disconnect mid-hose
  • For use on a narrow faucet, roll the stretchy connector down over itself for a snug fit


  • Material: Thermoplastic
  • Dimensions (collapsed): 8" x 6" x 3"
  • Weight: 0.625 lbs. 

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Pet Shower Sprinkler