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Plant Watering Ball


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Keep Your Plants Alive!

Caring for our interior plants is very rewarding, but sometimes we just can’t devote daily attention to them. Plant Watering Ball is the perfect solution for this. It waters your plants while adorning your home or garden with sparkling colour.

Simply insert the glass straw into the soil and it releases just enough waterto automatically water your plants, eliminating the need to use a watering can or monitor the soil. Watering can lasts for 2 weeks.


  • Perfect for vacation: able to water the plants automatically if you have been in journey, providing a slow and steady supply of water to your plants
  • Stay alive: allow water to leave the globe using a small open hole for the water to escape
  • Added style: with special pattern could decorates your home while being practical at the same time

  • Easy operation:
    • Turn on the water tap and turn it down a little to let the water run slowly.
    • Fill water into the bulb through the pipe opening. 
    • Wrap the opening with soaked cloth to prevent the pipe from clogging by mug.
    • Pipe downwards, then insert it into the soil. Amount of water flowing out depends on the quality of the soil.
  • Unnecessary to hire gardener to water your plants
  • Practical for indoor and outdoor use


  • Material: PVC, not glass
  • Size:
    • S: 2" x 5.1"/ 5cm x 13.5cm
    • L: 3.1" x 10.2"/ 8cm x 26cm
  • Color: Blue/Green /Red/ Pink

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Plant Watering Ball