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Professional Premix Plastic Steel Ceramic Caulk Grout Paste

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Grout is a commonly used product that makes tiling projects appear professional and clean upon completion. Grouting your own tile floors or walls is not difficult for a do-it-yourself project, and using Professional Plastic Steel Ceramic Caulk Grout Paste allows you to skip the hassles of mixing your own groutand instead apply a ready-to-use product that will save you some time and money

It's great for the kitchen, bath, window, doors, plumbing, gutters and more. This bridges gaps to keep water and outside air where they belong. This advanced concrete and sealant is unlike the traditional ones because it requires no mixing or other tools and it’s ready to use that makes it ideal for filling cracks and gaps in any surface.

Anti-bacterial and anti-mold and dirt proof, it also has excellent adhesive capabilities and can be exposed to water and moisture. This is proven durable and long-lasting too!

      • Do not use a dry sponge to attempt to clean up of your grout lines. Dry sponges can actually stick to the fresh grout and pull it out of the lines, meaning you’ll have to reapply.


      • Unlike the traditional adhesives and sealants that generally come in two parts that needed to be mixed to activate, this is ready to use and easy to apply
      • It is specially premix formulated to bond like an adhesive and seal like a caulk
      • It prevents mold and rotfrom forming in your walls 
      • Very easy to use and has a fast harden time
      • It creates a protective barrier against mold and mildew stains
      • An ultimate solutionto restores your white tile grout and leaves them looking clean and protected
      • This product is non-toxic, non-irritating, and 100% waterproof
      • It’s super strong and durableso it doesn’t crack easily
      • This can be used on chipped ceramics, stone, laminate, wood, kitchen appliances, and more
      • It effectively bonds iron, steel, plastic, glass, and other materials
      • Perfect for heavy-duty and permanent uses including outdoor projects

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      • Ingredients: Ceramic Epoxy Resin
      • Capacity: 90ml


      • 1 Waterproof Caulk Glue