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H'BLISS Sticky Gel Pad


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Stick Anything, Anywhere!

 H'BLISS Sticky Gel Pad can be repeated washing, can be reused! Gel Quality is excellent. Hot environment will not affect its stickiness.

 It can stick your phone, pad, remote control, camera, Speakers, Water cup, key Stick to Glass, Mirrors, Whiteboards, Metal, Kitchen Cabinets or Tile, Car, House and many more. To Fix Anything, Anywhere.

 Strong, Durable, Malleable, and extremely Versatile in their uses. In addition, by utilizing minimalist design principles we have created an elegant product that will compliment your devices, style and home.

H'BLISS Sticky Gel Pad has different size options, which makes them great for sticking unusual or irregular shapes as well as hiding keys, organizing cables and sticking Go Pros to skateboards. More fun waiting for you to discover.

 Dust or dirt will reduce its fixation effect. EASY. Clean with water to renew stickiness. 

 Minimalist design, thin and ductility.

 Sticky and extremely versatile in their uses. From the airplane, cars, glass, metal, tile, whiteboards, kitchen cabinets to boat.


  • Material: Silica gel
  • Max Load:2KG