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Powerful Rinse-Free Cleansing Spray

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Smartly Tackle Spillage!

There's nothing worse than spilling wine on your favorite dress or smudging your sofa with that chocolate cake you were enjoying until you plopped it down on your lap while having the best house party. But have no fear — the Powerful Rinse-Free Cleansing Spray will save your garments and fabrics from imminent ruin.

It is formulated with professional stain removing detergent, which is effective in combating household stains from grease, oil, coffee, wine, etc. With just 3 steps - spray, set and wipe; the stains on all non-washable fabrics like carpet, sofas, chairs, curtains, etc. can be removed instantly.


  • Professional formula: combat a variety of common dirt caused by grease, oil, juice, coffee, and wine, etc. 
  • Perfect for water-safe fabrics: apply on carpet, fabric couches, sofas, chairs, rugs, upholstery, accent pillows, curtains & more
  • Rinse free: 3 steps only - spray, set and wipe away, suitable to apply on various non-washable fabrics
  • Quick-dry: no watermarks or residue will be left behind, instant removal is guaranteed

  • Plant neutral formula applied
  • Strong penetration to all kinds of stain
  • Environmental friendly formula adopted

How to Use:

  • Spray directly onto the stain - for best results treat as soon as possible
  • Leave to soak
  • Repeat if necessary
  • Clean with towel 


  • Volume : 200 ML

Package Includes:

  • 1pc x Powerful Rinse-Free Cleansing Spray