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Beard Growth Oil

  • Made with 13 different 100% natural ingredients including ginseng, ginger, and Chinese knot weed that nourish the hair follicles while providing a thicker and denser hair growth.
  • Stimulates hair follicles and hair regeneration through its unique, organic formula.
  • Safe on skin & dermatologist-approved.

    To have a rich hair for a better look with this organic hair growth essence! It also works on dry or damaged hair.


    • Normal skin: Apply two drops the in the palm of your hand and massage into the desired area. Leave in.
    • Sensitive skin: Mix 3 milliliters with 100ml of moisturizer/shampoo and massage into the desired area. Leave in for a few minutes. Rinse with water.


    • 1 Bottle = 12-14 days
    • Minimum use for obtaining results: 14 days
    • Recommended use for optimal results: 30 days