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Magnetic Reading Glasses

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These glasses will blow your mind

Magnetic Reading Glasses are classy and unique. They're also very difficult to lose due to their special design. You can change the lens with ease if you need to, making them pretty versatile and handy. 

Your nose and eyes won't feel any pressure while wearing the Magnetic Reading Glasses because the headband is flexible and can form a mold around your head. That fixes the glasses in place and prevents them from falling down.


  • Fits all head sizes: these glasses are meant for heads of every shape and size. This is made possible by their adjustable sides, which can move up and down according to your needs. 
  • Flexible headband: The headband one of the most unique features of this pair of glasses. It's flexible, which allows you to curl up the glasses and put them in a pouch. There's no need to carry around a dedicated case anymore.
  • Opens from the front: Another great thing about these glasses is that they open from the front. This combines with the headband and lets you dangle the glasses down your neck when they're not in use. When you want to use them again, simply bring the two pieces together, and they'll attach instantly due to the magnets inside them. 


  • Lens Width: 5.5cm
  • Lens Height: 3.5cm
  • Frame Material: Plastic


  • 1x Magnetic Reading Glasses