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Rotating Seat Cushion

Dark Gray

Provide extra support to your back and hips! 

The Rotating Seat Cushion will make sitting on any seat a pleasure as it allows you to swivel in it. It essentially turns any chair a revolving one. To add to that, you'll be highly comfortable while sitting on it.

Your back and hips will face reduced stress as you won't have to shift around as much once you have this Rotating Seat Cushion with you. It's great for physically disabled people who require extra support. 


  • 360 degrees rotation: twist and turn in any direction with ease while seated on this cushion. It swivels seamlessly and can be used by people of all ages with ease. No matter which seat you put this cushion on, it'll work like a charm.
  • Compact: this cushion is highly portable and can be carried around everywhere. It only has a height of 1 inch, making it barely noticeable when it's been placed on a seat. 
  • Pressure relief: Most seats aren't great for back support, and this cushion can bring a soft landingthat's great for your health.
  • Non-slip material: The cushion is made with the perfect material to turn around in as it won't let go of you. 


  • Height: 1 inch
  • Diameter: 13 inches


  • 1x Rotating Seat Cushion