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Self-Adhesive Doors Sealing Strip - 1 Meter/3.28ft


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Gaps along your door frame is an inevitable pitfall for air leaking outof the house, heat staying in the house, soundproofing projects, and insects coming in which can be avoided with the amazing Self-Adhesive Doors Sealing Strip!

This convenient and self-adhesive silicone door seal is a simple and cost-effective way of sealing your door gaps.

It has 3 layers of seals that provide the best soundproof and weatherproof effect. This stops energy-wasting air leaks, water getting inside on the raining day, keeps the heat in your home, and prevents insects from getting in.


  • Maintains an airtight seal on your doors to keep the cold away making your home warm and more comfortable
  • Provides effective noise reduction
  • Stops the water from leakinginside during rainy days
  • Keeps the heat inside your home to make it warm and comfortable in the cold season
  • Prevent garden slugs, bugs, pests, and insects from sneakinginside your home
  • Blocks dustfrom coming in that makes your home tidy and clean
  • Helps you reduce electric costs
  • It has a strong resistance to compression to avoid deformation
  • Sticks firmly that it give your doors long-time protection


  1. Mark the size and cut the excess strip
  2. Clean the door bottom
  3. Peel off the backing film
  4. Apply the door sweep to your door


  • Material: High-Quality Silicone
  • Size: 2" W x 39” L
  • Suitable Gap: 0 to 1.5"
  • Suitable Door Material: Wood, Glass, Metal, Plastic


  • 1pc - Self-Adhesive Doors Sealing Strip