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Self Heating Tourmaline Ankle Brace

Relieve ankle pain and numbness with a heat therapy brace! 

The Self Heating Tourmaline Ankle Brace is designed to relieve and reduce pain in your ankles and lower leg. The brace uses self-heating technology to gently apply heat to your ankle and promote blood circulation. This will accelerate the healing process while providing maximum support.  

The Self Heating Tourmaline Ankle Brace is perfect for joint paints, ankle fractures, ankle arthritis, any more! 


  • Self-Heating Technology:  This brace is built to generate heat just by being worn. The brace insolates your body heat and applies the heat to the affect area. 
  • Breathable: The breathable material allows for comfortable wear all day. You can even wear it under other clothes all day. 
  • Easy to wash: Machine and hand wash safe. Easily clean with any load of laundry. 
  • Built to Last: Rigorous and daily use won't affect this brace whatsoever. Use it as much as you need to - it will continue performing just the same. 
  • Magnetic hold: 4 magnets hold the brace tightly around your ankle joints.


    • Weight: 50g


    • 1x Self Heating Tourmaline Ankle Brace