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Ergonomic Shopping Bag Carrier



Keep plastic shopping bag handles from cutting into your hand with the ergonomicallydesigned Shopping Bag Carrier.

It offers an easy and convenient way to carry multiple shipping bags at one time with a comfortable grip that doesn't cut into your hands.

It's compact and can fit your pocket or purse, thus, allowing you to secure bags together in your car or shopping cart so your items won't spill out.

Now you will always have the most important tool with you when you need to carry your groceries.


  • It can carry items up to 50 lbs.
  • Allows you to grip tote bags, shopping bags, reusable bags, plastic bags with one hand
  • It provides a comfortable gripthat eliminates hand fatigue
  • Prevent thin handles from cutting or hurting your hands
  • Makes it a lot easier to carrymultiple groceries bags
  • The ergonomicdesign reduces strain
  • Secure bagstogether in your car or shopping cart
  • Lock tab function


  • Material: ABS Plastic


  • 1pc/2pcs - Shopping Bag Carrier