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Silicone Door Hook

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🚪 Say Goodbye to Slamming Door 🚪


All it takes is a strong gust of wind or a little too much exertion and your door handle can put a huge dent in your wall or door. This Silicone Door Hook prevents damage to a wall. Featuring a hook to hold your door open, can reduce the risk of injuries and keep your family safe.


This product is made of silicon which can efficiently absorb collision force and prevent damage to the walls. They are durable but soft, it will not hurt even you bump your toe to it. They are also water-proof, making it ideal for bathrooms too.  Self-adhesive and easy to apply, no extra tools are needed to install.


Safety Function - prevent your or your family's finger from being pinched by the door, keep the door open to make the indoor air pure and fresh.

Flexible Material- Capable of stuffing the door tightly and will never make a scratch on the door

Self- Adhesive– No need to punch holes with the strong adhesive

Water-proof - Made of water-proof silicon, will never rust even wet, ideal for bathrooms too


Durable- Super durable material which will hardly deteriorate, allowing life-long usage

Soft and safe material - Made of safety material, will never do harm to your health and will not hurt even you bump the toe to it. 

Versatility- Can also be used as hook for other items. 

Cute Creative Appearance - Add an accent to any room


Material:Silica gel
Style:Protective pad