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Slimming Silk Stockings - 2 Pairs


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Lower Body Back to Twenties!

Edema is a common problem encountered by all ladies. The Slimming Silk Stockings will definitely blow your mind to solve the problem! With FRP fibresadopted, you can have your thighs and shanks much slimmer, and even abdomen well hidden!

Even these are weaved in high den, your skin colour still look naturalat all. The anti-bacterial stockings are able to release moisture and sweat to offer you the highest level of comfort. The wear-proof and unbreakable ability can prevent scratch, rip and fuzzto save your money from buying new ones!


  • Enhanced shape: medically-approved graduated compression for real support benefit that can slim your thighs and shanks, hide your abdomen and lift your butt up
  • Elastic FRP fibres: weaved in t-shape to prevent unstitching from scratch, rip and fuzz, which is wear-proof and hard to break
  • Natural skin colour: you skin colour is natural enough even the stockings are weaved in high den
  • All-time comfort: able to release moisture and sweat and keep breathable to prevent bacteria breeding

  • Flat seams to secure comfort when worn
  • Different compression levels on different parts for better blood circulation
  • Soft, thin, breathable and UV-proof to enable wearing in any season and have fun matching it with your outfits
  • Ease discomfort from spider veins, edema, and tired aching legs


  • Material: Nylon + Acrylic
  • Color: Black, Beige
  • Size: One size fits all

Package Includes:

  • 2 Pairs of Slimming Silk Stockings