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Portable Soda Drink Dispenser - 2pcs


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What Makes Your Home Party Cooler

What party or family get-together would be complete without those fresh and fizzy sodas? Introducing the Portable Soda Drink Dispenser! You may not think about it often, but 1-liter bottles can be a pain to hold and they're easy to spill especially for kids.

This keeps your sodas carbonated and dispenses just the right amount of drink. It replaces the cap to keep beverage sealed and fresh longer. Buy one or more now and you'll get to see this soda dispenser in action at your next party!


  • Kid-friendly: eliminate pouring from heavy, unwieldy bottles which may cause some mess sometimes
  • Keep fizzy: replace the cap to keep beverages sealed and fresh, and you don't need to worry about forgetting to shut the bottle with cap
  • Compact and lightweight: you can bring it anywhere you go or whenever you need your carbonated drinks to stay fresh longer
  • Universal: fit easily on a wide variety of beverage bottles to dispense whatever beverages 

  • Allow you to serve your drinks bubbly at the exact right amount
  • Just twist this drink dispenser on the top of a 1-liter or 2-liter bottle, and then flip the bottle upside down to dispense drinks
  • Suitable to use at home, office, camping, parties, entertaining and more


  • Material: ABS + TPR
  • Color: Red
  • Height: Approximately 15cm
  • Bottle Diameter: Approximately 10cm
  • Net Weight: 84g 

Package Includes:

  • 2pcs Portable Soda Dispenser