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Steel Wire Wool - 5pcs


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Be Surprised by How Useful Steel Wool Is!

Steel woolis one of the most useful items that we have hanging around the house. Not only it cleans your dishes and pots, but also there are tons of ways it can be used.Aside from your kitchen, It can be useful in the garden, in your workshop, as a crafting material, and more!

Steel wool is for more than just cleaning your oven. 

The Steel wool is made from uniform high-quality metal strands and are extremely versatile. Wide variety of grades to choose from, its usages counts from removing the toughest stains to sharpening scissors, starting a fire to polishing brass. Explore the unlimited possibilities of steel wool now! 


Powerful Cleaning Tool: Remove stubborn, cooked-on stains on steel cookware and clean rusty tools

Wide Choices of Grade: Can choose from Super Coarse to Super Fine, to fit different needs

Kitchen Sharpener: Save your money to buy new scissors or knifes

Firestarters: Spark a fire easily with a 9-volt battery


Coarse: For removing paint and varnish from floors, glass, and tile; restoring the appearance of exterior woodwork

Medium: For rust removal from stoves and cast iron

Fine: Cleans and polishes stainless steel, removes paints from furniture



Weight: 120-150g

Size: 66X39X39cm

Package: 5pcs of Steel Wool