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Summer Cooling Spray

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Keep Heatstroke Away!

The city is too hot and that's why you are afraid of summer? Get over it with the Summer Cooling Spray! It instantly cools, refreshes, calms, and hydrates the face, neck, and chestduring hot conditions to prevent you from suffering heatstroke.

This can also be used to cool the hot air and surfaces in sun-baked cars. It is suitable for all ages and perfect for hot days, muggy nights, on the beach, playing sports, clubbing and more.


  • Your own air-con: use it anytime and anywhere to cool down
  • Effective cooling: cool the body, face, and hot surfaces in the car and vaporise instantly
  • Skin lifeguard: calm and refresh irritated, dry, flushed or sunburnt skin
  • Perfect for travelling: 100ml only and portable to be carried in backpack 
  • When feeling hot, just spray it generously to avoid heat exhaustion
  • Ideal for use on hot days, hot and humid nights, sunbathing and sports
  • Suitable for adults and children alike


  • Product Capacity: 100ml
  • Fragrance Type: Mint Flavour

Package Includes:

  • 1 bottle of Summer Cooling Spray