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Super-Grip Phone Security Neck Strap

Rose Red
Sky Blue

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The Super-Grip Phone Security Neck Strap is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to keep his or her phone secure and protected while also making it immediately accessible.  You won’t have to worry about misplacing your phone or accidentally dropping it from your pocket or hand anymore!

The Super-Grip Phone Security Neck Straps are a safeand convenientway to carry your phone hands-free. They are ideal for large phones that don’t easily fit in pockets. It can also contain your credit card, ID card, cash and other daily use cards on the back of the phone secured and safe.



Never Drop - Secure and firm that you can free your hands safely without worrying dropping your phone ever again.

Durable and Rugged - Durable silicon material strong and provides a quality of grip. Hold up to 45kg, keeping phones safe and damage-free

Card HolderUnique design allows you to carry Credit Card, License, Access Card or Cash so you always have your essentials.

Universal Compatibility - The Smartphone Lanyards are compatible with nearly all smartphones.

Easy Installation - It will only take 4 easy steps to get it installed

Convenient - with a snap buckle release to easily detach your phone to share, use a mobile payment app or take a selfie. 

Space Saver - Free space while keeping your phone secure and accessible at all times

Perfect for Outdoor ActivitiesThe perfect solution for sports fans, concert-goers, teachers, students, hikers, seniors, travelers or anyone who wants easy access to their cell phone.


Type: Super-Grip Phone Security Neck Strap
Strap Length: 42cm; Harness: Width: 7cm; Length: 12.7cm
Colors: Black/Grey/Sky Blue/Pink/Rose Red
Material: Silicone
Suitable phone: 4.7-6.5in mobile phone


Package Includes: 

Phone Security Neck Strap x 1