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Ultrasonic Ion Deep Clean Skin Scrubber


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The Scrubber Works Like a Time Machine!

Do you want a facial treatment tool that cleanses, moisturises and lifts your face up at the same time? Being a portable, easy to use, and low maintenance toolwith the latest technologyin skincare, the Ultrasonic Ion Deep Clean Skin Scrubber is probably what you need!

As a water-based peeling treatment, its strong ultrasonic vibrationsgenerated at the tip lets water mix with sebum, toxic substances, bacteria, dead skin cells and cosmetic residue in just 1-2 minutes! It even works for sensitive skins without causing redness.


  • Blackheads and acne removal: clean blackheads, whiteheads, dead skin and acne trapped in the pores and make skin clean and refreshed
  • Deep pore cleansing: high-frequency vibration can cleanse pores within deeper layers of the skin and extracts dirt effectively
  • Look younger: by repeatedly and regularly scrubbing your face with essence oil applied, you can relief your face muscles and lift your face up
  • Effective absorption: by cleaning your pores, your skin can absorb nutrients from skin products better
  • Super thin and compact with ergonomic streamline handle
  • User-friendly interface and touch screen
  • Can be continuously used for 3~4 days after it is fully charged


    • Output Voltage: DC 5V
    • Power Supply: AC100V-240V
    • Rated Frequency: 50HZ-60HZ
    • Power: 2W
    • Charging Duration: 2 Hours
    • Materials: ABS + Stainless Cleansing Head

    Package Includes: 

    • 1* Skin Scrubber
    • 1* USB Cord
    • 1* English User Manual