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USB Heating Steam Lavender Eye Mask

Brown Stripe
Purple Stripe

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We all work hard every day, watch computers, use cell phones, tablets, watch TV, and have a lot of stress in modern life which causes eye fatigue. The USB Heating Steam Lavender Eye Mask is your very own eye spa and aromatherapy sleep aid.

With the lavender steam heat, it can help improve blood circulation around the eyes, relieve eye fatigue, remove dark circles and prevent dry eye syndrome.

It's a good choice for you to go into a deep sleep at home, take a quick rest at the office, enjoy yourself on travel or just have an ultimate eye spa experiencewherever you are!


  • The warm compress and sweet lavender scent dissolves away the day's stress
  • It slowly heats the eyes to relieve eye fatigue caused by long reading or staring at a computer or phone
  • Promote blood circulationin the eyes
  • Eliminates dark circles and relieves dry eye syndrome
  • Safe and reliable and will generate no electromagnetic radiation
  • It is powered via USB and can be connected to a computer, power bank or USB adapter
  • It reduces stress and sleeplessness
  • Treats eye soreness, itchiness, and swelling


  • Material: Skin-friendly Flannel + High-quality dried lavender bud fragrance
  • Voltage: 5V / 1A
  • Optional Colors: Yellow, Purple, Gray, Brown, Purple Stripe
  • Size: Approx.19.5 x 9cm / 7.7x3.5 inch


  • 1 Eyeshade
  • 1 General Extended Cable