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Premium Digits Touchscreen Knitted Gloves

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Were you in a hassle of making dinner plans while you’re walking home from work on a chilly day? Premium Vintage Digits Touchscreen Knitted Gloves ishere for you!


Premium Vintage Digits Touchscreen Knitted Gloves fit tightly thanks to their knit design, so typing is easier, and the microfleece lining is soft and cozy, making them much warmer than normal knitted gloves. Our premium-quality material blocks out wind better than traditional knit fabrics. The gloves dry faster and have a better grip than other knit gloves.




  • Conductive fiber for ultimate maneuverability
  • Griptrak pattern for improved grip of your handheld devices
  • Soft microfleece lining for enhanced comfort and warmth
  • Type fluently and more accurate on any touchscreen device
  • Stretchy, dry fast and wind resistant
  • Cozy double-layer knit design, strong insulation
  • Available in 8 styles



  • Premium microfleece lining