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Instant Wall Repair Cream

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Your Wall Needs Concealer TOO!

Are you looking for ways to easily patch up any hole on your wall? Fill and erase deep flaws on your wall in a flash with the amazing Wall Repair Cream! This offers you a short and easy solution to most holes and dents on your walls.

It permanently repairs cracks on drywall and sheetrock with a pre-mixed formula that spreads easily to instantly leave a smooth and mark-free look. The cream can be used straight from the tube, smeared in just one move.


  • Wall concealer: instantly fix dings, dents, and cracks on your walls, trim, ceiling and doors
  • Long-lasting: last for years with no crumbling or flaking, which is guaranteed long-lasting
  • Best for amateurs: allow you to get the job done quickly, while you don't need to look for a professional worker
  • Safe to use: made with non-toxic, non-corrosive, formaldehyde-free ingredients, recommended to wear gloves while applying this cream
  • Use it to repair any holes or cracks in the wall\
  • Dry fast and hold tightly
  • Excellent water-resistant feature
  • Durable, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant


    • Squeeze the right amount of repair cream to the area that needs to be repaired
    • Smooth the repair paste evenly with a scraper and wait to dry
    • After drying, use fine sandpaper to lightly level it
    • Drying time depends on the weather conditions, the amount of use and the size of the area
    • Repeat steps 1-3 for more serious wall damage


    • Ingredients: Wall glue, resin and carbonate cover
    • Capacity: 250g
    • Shelf Life: About 2 years

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Wall Repair Cream