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Washable Lint Roller


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Keep your Room Free From Lint! 

Cleaning your pet’s loose hair no longer has to feel like an endless and frustrating chore with the Washable Lint Roller! Features an innovative sticky pad that cleans pet hair, lint, or other things that cling to your clothing and surfaces. This is essential for anyone who wears clothing that attracts a lot of lint or by people who own shedding pets.


Adding this into your cleaning routine significantly reduces the amount of airborne pet hair in your home and keeps your clothes and furniture looking tidy in between deep-cleans. Simply wash under warm water and you can use it again when needed. It remains sticky even after multiple rinses, making it an economically wise choice.



  • EASY CLEANING: A quality tool to help you in your war against pet fur that is fuss-free and long-lasting
  • PRACTICAL: Allows hundreds of uses without buying refills, doesn't require you to change rolls or buy anything new for continued use because it's totally washable
  • SAFE FOR FABRICS: The adhesive only collects hairs and debris, so it will not damage your fabric
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Since it doesn't use any kind of sticky paper, adhesive tape, or batteries, the roller won't produce environmental waste


  • NO FUSS: Leaves no sticky residue behind
  • VERSATILE: Also great for cushions, pillows, and anything else that collects unwanted pet hair or lint
  • STORAGE COVER: This comes with a handy cover for storage to keep it clean and undamaged when not in use
  • WIDE APPLICATION: You can use it on clothing, vehicle, furniture, pet beds, bed spreads, curtains, and more


How to Use:

  • Simply use the roller to go over clothing and surfaces in a back and forth motion
  • Once the surface is clean, rinse under warm water to release the stuff you picked up
  • Allow to completely dry for later use



  • Material: 70% ABS + 30% TPR
  • Roller Size: 10cm x 5cm (W x L)
  • Total Length: 17cm
  • Color: Yellow / Pink / Blue / Green



Package Includes:

  • 1 x Washable Lint Roller