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Zero-Based Painting Tracing Board (iOS & Android Compatible)

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Everyone Can Be a Painter!

Take your drawings to the next level with the Zero-Based Painting Tracing Board! It allows you to use your tablets or smartphones for real art creation. Just simply reflect an image from tablet or smartphone through the amazing lens, you can sketch and draw according to the outlines.

You can download the Pencil Sketch application or relative software to your mobile phone or tablet, choose your favourite picture and convert it into a sketch, and then you can start to paint. You can choose among different filters for different effects.


  • Optical imaging: bring images from your smartphone or tablet to paper or canvas, allowing you to trace or draw any masterpiece easily
  • Intensive support: come with 5 brackets and 2 jointing methods to hold your device
  • Exclusive app: the Pencil Sketch application can generate outlines for you to sketch, and you can adjust colour levels, shadow, brightness and more for the ideal effect
  • Draw on anything: reflect images to any surface in solid colour like paper, fabric, wood, etc.

  • Just download the Pencil Sketch application, import the picture, put your device on the support and start painting 
  • Collapsible, lightweight, and extremely portable
  • Perfect for beginners, hobbyists and professionals


  • Material: ABS bracket + Resign lens
  • Color: Black bracket
  • Size: Approximately 22.5cm x 15.6cm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Paint tracing board
  • 10 x Sketch papers
  • 1 x Automatic pencil